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Post-makeup cleansing Regimen

Makeup is a powerful beauty secret that can help bring out the best in us. It conceals the blemishes and flaws on our face, highlights our assets and turns us into happy, more confident ladies.

But makeup is not all fun. If we’re not careful, we can have skin problems and develop dry skin, deeper lines, red spots and large pores. Luckily, better facial products are now in the market that can help us keep our face clean and pampered after hours of wearing makeup.


What should be included in our post-makeup cleansing regiment? Here are the steps:


Start with the eyes


Eye makeup is the hardest to remove because the area is very sensitive thus we must be careful when working around the eyes, especially since mascara and eyeliners are also difficult to get rid of.



First is to get cotton pads that will not tear nor leave fibres on the eyes and skin. Shiseido Facial Cotton pads have fibres that have been treated by pressured water, making them firm and leaving zero lints on the face.




Next is to apply an eye makeup remover like Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Makeup Remover on the cotton pad. Elemis eye and lip makeup remover has been tested by ophthalmologists, and is deemed suitable for sensitive eyes. It is strong enough to wipe off tough makeup but still smooth enough to allow a gentle swipe on the delicate eye area.


Let the cotton pad with makeup remover rest over your closed eyes for about ten seconds to let the product dissolve the makeup. Then wipe gently in a downward stroke. Repeat until all traces of eye makeup has been removed.


      Focus on the lips




The lips are the next thing to focus on as, usually, some eye makeup removers can also be used to remove lip makeup. Elemis White Flowers on a cotton pad can do the trick. For long-wearing and intensely pigmented lipsticks, oilier lip makeup removers are recommended.


Remove foundation and blush



Facial cleansers can remove all traces of foundation and blush off the skin. Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil can dissolve makeup and stimulate the skin. Organic removers like unrefined coconut oil such as Dr. Bronner’s Organic Kernel Coconut Oil are also effective to remove layers of makeup from the face.




Simply apply the facial cleanser dry on the face. Then massage the product gently with wet hands, taking care not to leave the hairline, under the chin and around the ears. Let the product sit for around 15 seconds before wiping it off with a soft washcloth.


Apply toner




Toners remove any dirt left behind by the facial cleanser and also close up the pores. Clarins Camomile Toning Lotion is an alcohol-free product that helps bring back the skin’s normal pH levels. Applying the toner depends on the type being used.


Some toners can be sprayed on, others need to be applied using cotton pad while some act as a facial mask. For those that have to be applied with a cotton pad, spread the toner in small circles, avoiding the delicate eye area. Repeat until all oil has been cleansed off.





Don’t forget to finish off with an overnight moisturiser or night creams that will bring back life to dry skins and brighten up dull complexions. Night creams should be applied after the toner has dried off or right before going to bed. They should be rinsed off first thing in the morning. Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Night Cream leaves the skin radiant and firm in the morning.


Applying makeup is a meticulous art. The cleansing regimen after makeup must also be as careful and as valuable as applying makeup. Beauty not only lies in how beautiful the effect of our makeup is. It also lies in how healthy we can keep our skin.




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