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President Aquino braves hot seat of 11th Graders

by FFE PH News Staff




These girls asked something no other reporter has asked the president during his term: did he ever had dates when he was still in high school?


In the courtesy call in Malacañang on Tuesday, 11th grade students from Miriam College High School did not hesitate to put the president in the hot seat. President Aquino admitted he had dates with students from Miriam College, formerly known as Maryknoll College, back when he was still a student of Ateneo High School.


But when pressed whom he thought was the most beautiful woman, the president chose to keep mum. He said ‘Pwedeng mag-pass na lang doon sa question na ‘yan?


‘Why I want to pass? The last time I judged a beauty contest was in the late 80s. What happened was syempre ‘di ba beauty contest, eventually there’s a titlist, the winner and then there were 14 others who almost made it. So the one who won, syempre smiles. Everybody in her entourage sobrang tuwa. And everybody who’s a runner up looks at you with menacing eyes and wants to kill you. Sabi ko mahirap yata ‘to a. Merong isang natuwa sa ‘yo, labing apat ang galit sa ‘yo.


‘And now I am very careful when I answer things like that. There might be somebody who’s pleased and there are a lot of others who will get angry and I want to try to get a consensus on everything.’


The president also shared his resolutions for 2014 during the forum. ‘One of the things that’s most important is I pressure my Cabinet less. The Cabinet is very hardworking. They’re very dedicated. You cannot ask anything more of them.’


His second resolution is to better overcome his critics: ‘We have a cottage industry of people who make a living criticising me. We will just ignore people who are hopeless.’


The president also revealed that volleyball was one of his favourite sports back then because ‘all players are obliged to practice teamwork, unlike basketball where a player can act like a superstar.’





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