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Public strikes back at Aquino after being told to sacrifice more

18apr aquino lent message

 It seems the Filipino public has had enough of making any more sacrifices this month after reacting with backlash to President Benigno Aquino’s Lenten message aired on Holy Wednesday.


Amid threats of a wide scale brownout, water cutoffs, rise in electricity price, endless traffic due to simultaneous road works and ineffective intercity trains, Aquino wished that the public would be more ready to accept personal sacrifices like Jesus did since this will be for the good of all.


Bilang kanyang mga tagasunod, nawa’y maging handa rin tayong tumanggap ng sarili nating mga sakripisyo.


Aquino added that he hoped the public would follow Christ’s example when traversing his administration’s ‘Tuwid na Daan.’


Huwag po sana nating kalimutan: ang pagpapakumbaba, pagmamalakasakit at paggawa ng matuwid ay para sa isang buong buhay ng pagsunod sa halimbawa ni Kristo.


One commenter on broadsheet Inquirer’s Facebook page summed up the public’s reaction toward the president’s message: ‘adding insult to injury.’ Many said that the public had long been sacrificing under the government and that it is public officials who should lead the way this time.


‘They tell us to sacrifice? How could this be when you see, hear and observe our elected officials who are very lavish and extravagant in their family lifestyle and live beyond their means? You have not tasted the bitterest of how to be the poorest of the poor.’


One asked ‘How can this President afford to tell his bosses to sacrifice more than what they are sacrificing now?’ Another dared ‘You made us believe that in your presidency, the lives of the Filipino people will improve.’


Some commenters wished that public officials under the president’s wing would heed their leader’s ‘repent’ and ‘sacrifice’ message since the people have grown tired of corruption and broken promises.


‘I hope and pray that politicians [sacrifice] for the welfare of others, especially those who are in need.’



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