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Is there really a moral behind ‘The Legal Wife?’

 2may legal wife


‘The Legal Wife’ is officially on top of the primetime slots this week after market research firm Kantar Media said it scored more than double in viewership on 28 April versus its competitors in other networks.


But what makes it exactly click among viewers?


According to the teleserye’s star Angel Locsin, it’s all about having characters and situations that viewers can identify with. The viewers themselves believe that The Legal Wife is a ‘reality of life’ and that many can relate to the story.


But as to which Legal Wife character they identify with the most, Twitter-based fans of the show give us clues with their quirky, funny and serious takes on what the moral of the story is really all about.


To those who could relate to Angel’s character Monica, the wronged wife, fans shared these bits of wisdom:


‏                           @Katarru: ‘Moral lesson ng the legal wife, wag mag titiwala kahit asawa mo na..

@alilbitofafool: ‘your best friend really is your worst enemy.’

To those who are appalled by Jericho Rosales’ character Adrian and his adulterous ways:


@melissaangelyn: ‘Kaya may mga taong nagkakaron ng lakas ng loob manloko eh.

‏                           @padilla_jenjen: ‘At d end of d day, sa legal wife pa rin uuwi ang asawa!

To those who were moved by but condemn Maja Salvador’s character Nicole:




@suteki_anacel: ‘be discreet’


Perceptive fans have also their own piece of advice to share to those who are caught in relationship webs just like Monica, Adrian and Nicole:


‏                           @theycallmeraff: ‘Anything that comes easy won’t last and anything that’s made with love is worth the fight.’

@TofferNaguit: ‘Mas masarap ang pagiging single… Wala kang sakit na mararamdaman :)


@allycopters: ‘The Legal Wife lesson: CONTROL YOUR HORMONES’


‏                           @ItsmeCedii: ‘WAG MANIWALA SA SABI SABI. ACTION IS THE BEST POLICY, speak louder than words.

@Marnieees: ‘Hindi mo kailangan ng gwapong bf/asawa, kailangan mo yung loyal sayo!!!


But of course, fans have also been captivated by the intensity of how Maja and Angel portray their respective characters, especially in the recent weeks as confrontations between Nicole and Monica become more dramatic and physical:



Angel and Maja revealed in interviews that they avoided each other days before shooting the scene so that they could give it their all in the shoot. The resulting face-off between Nicole and Monica had been dubbed ‘Royal Rumble’ and took top 1 in Twitter Philippine trends early this week.


Whichever way the story of The Legal Wife may end, current trends are showing that it’s the show to beat this year in terms of characters that truly speak to the Filipino peoples’ hearts.



What moral of the story is your best pick for The Legal Wife? Share your thoughts below!





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