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Reasons why air pollution should worry You

9jun air pollution


Paris and Madrid have both shown their concern over the increased level of air pollution in their cities, forcing officials to enforce concrete steps to return air quality levels to normal. But if their concern has not yet pushed you to take action against air pollution, then maybe this news from British researchers can finally convince you.


A Health department-funded study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine revealed that air pollution is linked to irregular heartbeat (Atrial fibrillation) and blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary embolism). Both complications are particularly risky for people who have pre-existing conditions and the elderly, leading to dangerous results.


The study published in Heart showed the link between cardiovascular diseases and short-term exposure to air pollutants. They found out that certain types of pollutants are associated with cardiovascular outcomes, like irregular heartbeat and blood clots in the lungs.


However, they emphasised that the outcomes did not include risk of heart attack or stroke.


The researchers said that small particulate matter found in polluted air, which are invisible to the eye and 100 times smaller than human hair, can evade the body’s defences against foreign bodies and enter the heart and lungs.


The study pointed out that elderly women over 75 years old are most at risk of these complications. However, they stressed that everyone, regardless of age, should not put their guard down when it comes to the health dangers of air pollution.



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