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To reclaim trust, solons must pass anti-dynasty Bill

8may political dynasty


The Filipino public has had a long history of mistrust towards politicians in general; a mistrust that has been fuelled by corruption and sparked by the recent PDAF scam involving numerous lawmakers.


However, there is chance lawmakers can finally redeem themselves in the public eye, said Capiz Congressman and Suffrage Committee Chair Fredenil Castro — by passing the anti-dynasty bill once and for all.


Castro, an anti-dynasty bill sponsor in the House of Representatives, dared his colleagues to prove their critics wrong by putting the interest of the country first and supporting the bill: ‘The presentation of House Bill 3587 is the most rare opportunity for the members of Congress to prove that all biased and unsavory remarks hurled against them were wrong.’


Caloocan Congressman Edgar Erice also rallied his colleagues toward the bill’s cause, saying ‘Let us pass this anti-political dynasty bill and let our sons and daughters and the next generation see and remember how we have been instrumental in redirecting the path of our country.’


Erice cited studies that showed political dynasties tended to muddle communication between the government and its people, restricting the delivery of social and financial services to those who need them.


Some other reasons that argue against dynasties as a political institution include:


  • Skewed poverty reduction policies
  • Inequality in income leading to worsened poverty
  • Promotion of personal interests versus the interest of the public
  • Biased selection of public officials
  • Winning public positions based on influence versus a person’s qualifications
  • Weak political parties
  • Political violence
  • Corruption
  • Destroys families who fight over one position


Observers believe that the anti-dynasty bill will never be passed in the Philippines because lawmakers themselves are part of political dynasties. However, supporters continue to fight for the passage of the bill despite recognising the difficulties involved in its passage.





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