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Reconnect with the Philippines with the travel duo: Berta and Andrew

                          Hello, we’re Berta and Andrew and we’re in the Philippines to travel!

                           What is there to see? A lot! These we learned from the stories of our moms and the books we’ve read about the country. Our mothers are sisters, and therefore we’re cousins. You must have noticed in our looks and our clothes that we do not live in the same place. We are from Europe. We were both born in Europe but raised and nurtured through a compromise of the two different cultures of our parents. But here’s a bit more to that:




      Hello everyone! My name is Berta Neumann and I live in Munich, Germany. My dad is German and my mom is Filipina. They met in Manila while my dad was on a working trip to the Philippines. My mom was working in one of the companies he visited. They instantly hit it off and fell in love. A number of months after and plenty of letters exchanged and answered, my parents married and settled in Munich.

       As for me, I like sports and try to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. I do like to eat a lot – now that I’m in the Philippines I would really want to try and taste all the authentic Filipinos dishes. My mom doesn’t do a lot of cooking – she has brought me to Filipino restaurants in Germany and a couple of cities in Europe in the past but she said it didn’t taste the same. So I’m looking for that Filipino taste now that I’m here.

Being half Filipino I always wanted to know more about the Philippines; explore and get to know the country where my mom came from. I want to learn more, not only about the food but the culture and the people as well. It warms my heart how I am an ate, tita or anak to my cousins, distant relative and sometimes even to strangers. This is something I haven’t seen in other cultures and I am happy to experience and be part of it.

I know many Filipino words and phrases. I’ve learned them through my mom who would often speak to me in Filipino. I know she means business when she tells me off rapidly in Filipino. I am not a master of the language but I plan to know more by speaking less English and put to use the words and phrases I know and will learn while I’m here.

                           I think I’m in my element here and since I love trying new things and meeting new people I know I would enjoy our stay here.