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Reindeer reflectors to stop crashes in Norway

by FFE EU News Staff




Reflector cuffs made of corn are now being rolled out across Norway to grace the horns of 10,000 traipsing reindeers in a bid to reduce road accidents.


Norwegian Public Roads Administration senior adviser Kristian Øvernes said ‘Reindeer are pack animals so we don’t need to mark all of them. It’s enough to tag a part of the herd.’


There are around 200,000 reindeers in Norway, most of which are owned by the Sami people. In the past, the Sami and Finnish herders have used glue and sprays to tag the animals. But they were ineffective or proven to affect the animals negatively.


Norway’s Public Roads Administration meanwhile tried using ‘disco poles’ that let out loud noises and flashing lights to scare off reindeers. But they proved more dangerous on both motorists and elks.


The latest reflector cuffs make use of biodegradable materials that will prevent littering. Trials have been successful since 2010.





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