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Requests that got travel agents scratching their heads

by FFE Entertainment News staff

From sore rumps to scandalous code names, travel agency LastMinute.com gives the scoop on some of the weirdest requests their agents have handled through their website.

One request was the sacking of a horse from a stable in Dominican Republic after the customer complained of getting a sore derriere after riding. But the request doesn’t end there – the customer sent pictures to prove the complaint.

Another holidaymaker complained that the hotel had clashing curtains and linen colours.

Other requests proved to be more scandalous in nature.

A cheeky customer asked to use a code name because he was travelling with his son’s wife. Another demanded an escort service to come with his room in the hotel. A traveller hit with jealousy also wanted a club entertainer fired for looking at his girlfriend.

Romance bathed another customer’s request, who emailed to ask for the telephone number of a lady he met on holiday. However, the customer didn’t remember when or where he took that holiday.

Other strange requests include customers hoping the booking agents could provide plant sitting and give the temperature of the sea off Marrakesh, Morocco.

LastMinute.com head of customer operations David Beatley only said customer requests “do sometimes uncover very personal needs.” But most of the time, they just leave the booking agents scratching their heads.



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