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Full Name: Ricardo Lagdameo Penson

Nickname: Dick

Birthdate: 1952-Jun-9

Place of Birth: Rizal

Place of Voter Registration: Ugong, Pasig City

Current Residence: Ugong, Pasig City

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: Filipino

Ricardo "Dick" Penson is a businessman whose companies have been involved in big-ticket road, ports, and airport projects.

> One of the platforms of Ricardo Penson is ending the political dynasty that plagued the government for decades. He believes that family members should be prohibited from running for public office regardless of the place or position. In November 2012, he launched the Krusada Kontra Dynasty movement in order to further campaign for this advocacy. If elected as senator, Ricardo Penson vows to pass a bill prohibiting political dynasties and that he would resign if it fails to become a law. He has previously filed a case with the Commission on Elections for the disqualification of candidates who were “obviously” from political dynasties. Earlier, he joined in petitioning the Supreme Court to compel Congress to pass a law defining dynasties but the high tribunal junked the suit.

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