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Robin goes the extra mile to say ‘thank you’ to Teachers

Robin goes the extra mile to say ‘thank you’ to Teachers

Inside Robin Padilla’s tough exterior is a soft heart.


Robin Padilla has earned the name ‘Bad boy of Philippine cinema’ not just by the characters he plays on screen but by having a tough guy image in real life. But did you know that behind the hardened exterior is a very generous heart that would stop at nothing to bring happiness to the deserving?


This is what happened during this weekend’s teacher training camp called ‘Hatag Kasadyahan Para Sa Capiz’ by Gabay Guro, a PLDT-SMART Foundation civic work programme.


At first, Robin was asked to be filmed in a video to be shown as a highlight during the 2-day event. But Robin turned this down and instead chose to appear in person in Roxas City, Capiz.


His efforts don’t end there, Robin also raffled off his six-digit honorarium on the spot. Inspired by his generosity, Gabay Guro matched his donation and raffled off the same amount.


According to Manila Bulletin’s source, when Robin appeared to the audience he held a wad of money worth Php100,000 he received ‘at the airport’ and announced ‘Etong isang daang pisong ito, ipammimigay ko sa inyo. Ngayon na, ibibigay ko.


The action star even jokingly added ‘Baka (naman) akala niyo politiko din ako na magaling mangako (pero) sabay alis. Hindi ho…


Robin goes the extra mile to say ‘thank you’ to Teachers

Robin Padilla with Gabay Guro head organisers


In a speech he gave, Robin, also known as ‘Binoe,’ said teachers had played an important role in his life. The value he gives to teachers is what encouraged him to give up his talent fee for their benefit.


One volunteer said that this was the first time cash was donated to the teachers of a Gabay Guro camp. The organisers usually raffled off gadgets, ‘pangkabuhayan’ showcases and motorcycles in events.


PLDT-Smart Foundation’s Gabay Guro project aims to empower teachers through scholarships, workshops, livelihood programmes and other activities. Tribute events in the recent months had also been held in disaster-hit areas like Tacloban and Bohol.


What can you say about Binoe’s generosity to teachers? Share your thoughts below!



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