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Robin not ready to see BB marry another Man



When Rustom Padilla confessed that she was gay in 2006 and became BB Gandanghari, her relationship with her siblings became strained. Her brother Robin Padilla  accepted BB last year after the latter was confined in a hospital because of extreme dehydration. But despite the change of heart, the older Padilla said he is not yet ready to see BB marry another man.


‘The family thinks of BB as a child. He did not grow up as BB but as Rustom,’ said Robin. ‘Kung lumaki siyang ganun, hindi kami mashoshock pero hindi eh.’


padilla-dinner1-e1373863258560Robin said that the family is still in the process of slowly accepting the new Rustom and their relationship is progressive.


Huwag kaming bibiglain, kasi kami, iniintindi namin ng unting unti eh kaya nakarating na dun sa ibaglalaban namin siya kasi pamilya namin siya eh. Pero kami, unti unti rin naman,‘ said Robin.


When asked if he is willing to accept the guy BB might introduce as his partner, Robin said with a laugh ‘Baka kami yung hindi matanggap nung ipapakilala niya!


As a form of support to BB, Robin is planning to produce a film about gay marriage that will star BB.


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