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In Rome, exorcism class opens for All

School for Exorcists


There is a rising demand for capable exorcists in Italy nowadays, and Catholic educational institutions are buffering up the faith’s line of defence by offering training courses on exorcism for anyone interested in it.


Exorcist Priest Cesare Truqui told Vatican Radio that the exorcism course that is about to wrap up in the Pontifical Athenaeum Apostolorum of Rome is open ‘even [to] housewives.


‘A priest exorcist is usually accompanied by a number of laypeople, who assist him in carrying out his mission… either psychologists or doctors, but also normal people like professionals or housewives,’ he explained. Assistants trained in exorcism can help priests recognise and cure those possessed by the devil.


Father Truqui said that the training course not only fills in the demand for exorcists’ services but also ‘raises awareness of the devil’s existence and the possibility for possession.


‘Having this knowledge helps to establish a balance. We understand that it [the devil’s possession] happens rarely, but when it does, its influence can be fought with God and by prayer and devotion.’


Fathers Vincenzo Taraborelli and Franceso Bamonte explained that more Italians increasingly demand exorcists to help them with demonic cases as well as personal problems involving family or work.



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