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S-E-X-ERCISE: How a healthy sex life can improve weight loss

In 2011, Pauline Potter was named the World’s Heaviest Woman at 643 lbs. Her rapid weight gain resulted from a tragic break up with her husband in 2005. In a recent interview, Potter said she was consuming 10,000 calories a day and leading a sedentary lifestyle. After rekindling her relationship with her ex-husband, things have certainly changed.

Potter intimated that she was down to an amazing 545 lbs. thanks to her unique “fitness” program. What’s the secret to her 98 lbs. weight loss? Marathon sex.

Potter reveals that just on the first day of their reconciliation, the couple had sex six times in 24 hours. On a regular basis, the couple enjoys sex two to seven times per day. Though she admits not being able to physically move as much in bed, she still burns around 500 calories per session by “jiggling around.”

Sex as a form of serious exercise might be unheard of but it is actually one of the healthiest and most fuss-free regiments out there. Studies have shown that during sex the body experiences physical activity that resembles an intense workout. Symptoms are shortness of breath, sweating, heart racing, increased energy, and muscle movement. Internally, sex raises the individual’s metabolic rate and, yes, burns calories.

The number of calories burned is dependent, however, on how rigorous the activity is. Just like any other exercise, factors such as duration, intensity, frequency and position will affect the results. Thus, weight loss through sex is only achievable if it is done frequent enough.

Facts and figures according to Healthcentral.com show that an average half an hour sex session will burn about 50 – 150 calories. Sex three times a week burns 7,500 calories per year which is almost the same as jogging 1.4 miles a week, but probably twice or thrice more fun. Annually, a person may lose 15,000 calories just by having sex three times a week. Dear friends 15,000 calories is equivalent to a beautiful 4 lbs.

Blasting calories is one thing, but sex is also known to curb cravings especially for those who are carbohydrate and fat sensitive. Sex can regulate cortisol, the hormone responsible for anxiety and stress, and the common culprit for emotional eating.

Sex can also indirectly double weight loss by releasing oxytocin, a hormone in the body that controls sleep and sleeping patterns. Getting enough sleep actually helps regulate a person’s metabolic activity and sharply increases the amount of fat burned. Even a mere cuddle sends this hormone level up and consequently makes the body sleepy. No wonder couples prefer to cuddle and sleep after sex.

Kissing alone burns unwanted calories. Think of kissing and heavy petting as a warm up or a cool down exercise before or after a serious workout. According to Professor Bryant Stamford of the University of Louisville, kissing may double a person’s basic metabolic rate and burn as much as two calories a minute. Multiply kissing for 10 minutes and a person may already burn 20 calories. Multiply 20, 30, and 40 minutes of kissing… and you get the idea.

Sex and kissing also have other advantages in an individual’s weight, health and general well-being. For one, the extra saliva released during kissing actually cleans the mouth and reduces the risk for tooth decay. With regard to sex, it improves blood flow, heart movement, and muscle tone. It increases energy, lowers cholesterol, and decreases stress levels. Sex also tightens a woman’s abs and buttocks, as well as strengthening her back and enabling good posture.

The “Happy” hormone in the brain, endorphin, is also released during sexual activity. The same chemical is also produced through other kinds of physical exercise. This chemical does not only affect a person’s general mood but, according to recent studies, also maintains youth.

Moreover, sex improves confidence as well as one’s relationship with their partners. When a person sees improvement in their body image, they get a self-esteem boost and tend to work harder at keeping their bodies better. Dr. Yvonne Kristin Fulbright, a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc., also indicates that sex can help partners fall for each other all over again.

Sex-ercise might sound too good to be true but its effects are real. In achieving one’s ideal weight, however, one must be realistic that sex is not the only solution but one of the contributing factors. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, sex can produce wonders for everyone.





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