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Salabat for cold Days

  Tita-Kathy-ver-1Salabat is a type of tea in the Philippines. It is made by boiling crushed ginger in water for 10 ten minutes and is sweetened by adding brown sugar. Did you know that drinking Salabat can improve your vocal chords for a sweeter singing voice?


This ginger tea is often served during the cold months in the Philippines as it helps not only to warm you up but also eases cold symptoms that the chilly weather always brings.  Salabat has other medicinal benefits such as curing stomach ache, easing sore throat, and helping you to be calm and alert.



Next time you sit down for tea, try having Salabat to go with your biscuits. Check out the recipe and let me know what you think!



Salabat for cold Days 1





2-inch long fresh ginger


4 cups of water


2 tablespoons of brown sugar




Pound fresh ginger


Salabat for cold Days 2


Boil it in 4 cups of water with brown sugar for 10 minutes


Serve it hot and that’s it!


Enjoy your Salabat!


Salabat for cold Days 3

Salabat with Bibingka. Yum!


Tita Kathy’s tip:


If you want your Salabat to be a little more sweet and creamy, you can always add milk in your cup. Until next time!






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