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Sarah G and Matteo sweet in the presence of their Parents

Sarah G and Matteo sweet in the presence of their Parents

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli show the importance of family in a relationship.


Photos capturing Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli’s apparent sweetness in the latters’ birthday party last 28 March became instant viral hits in the social media sphere. This is because the photos have finally given fans a glimpse of the elusive secrecy surrounding the pair’s true relationship status.


But more than just serving as proof the two’s closeness, what is important behind the gestures of affection shared by the couple is that they were all done in the presence of their respective families and loved ones.


Sarah G and Matteo sweet in the presence of their Parents

‘Inakbayan si Grachel Castro, pero ka-holding hands naman ni @mateoguidicelli si @justsarahg sa bday ng actor’ observed talk show host Ogie Diaz

Sarah G was joined by her mum Divine Geronimo when she attended Matteo’s party at a bar in Pasig City. Likewise, Matteo’s parents and closest friends were present at the party.


Sarah G and Matteo were spotted holding hands in photos and in videos at the party. The pair took it a step further as they were spotted giving each other a peck on the cheek after a song number and when Sarah was just leaving the party.



These instances have so far been the most significant proof of the couple’s deepening relationship, which both had consistently evaded answering directly in previous interviews. That they were able to share this only in the presence of their loved ones shows how they also respect the wishes of their parents when it comes to their relationship.


In a post-party interview of Matteo, the Fil-Italian actor confessed he was happy after he introduced Sarah to his parents, who welcomed her with warmth. He added ‘When they saw her they said she’s very, very beautiful. I’m happy that they all like her.’


Many also couldn’t help but comment that Mommy Divine’s presence at the party was a good signal for Matteo. Divine Geronimo is known for her strictness when it comes to Sarah’s career and relationships.


When it comes to her daughter’s love life, Mommy Divine said in an interview that she wishes it would be someone non-showbiz, decent and who will give Sarah a wonderful life. She added that Sarah must not follow her heart and instead put God above all. However, Mommy Divine did say that ‘Ang magde-decide pa rin, yung anak ko.


Despite the visible proofs, Sarah G and Matteo are still mum on the real score. When asked by Philippine Entertainment Portal if it was important to get permission from Mommy Divine first when it comes to revealing their relationship status, Matteo said ‘Siyempre very important with the family.


Family first all the time.


What can you say about Sarah and Matteo valuing their parent’s wishes in a relationship? Share your thoughts below!



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