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Scarlett Johansson angry over look-alike in a Book

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Ever since Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson moved to Paris to be with her fiancé journalist Romain Dauriac, she said the French have rubbed her the wrong way. But the latest headline tops all her rude experiences in France so far since a best-selling author allegedly used her to get boosts in sales.


Johansson has sued Grégoire Delacourt for €50,000 in damages for his book ‘La Premiere Chose qu’On Regarde’ (The First Thing We Look At). The actress is also trying to stop the book from being translated or adapted into film.


According to Johansson, Delacourt has violated her intellectual property rights by exploiting her ‘name, reputation and image’ in the book, which also contains ‘defamatory claims about her private life.’ She is referring to ‘La Premiere’s’ heroine, the model Janine Foucamprez, who was described by the book as strongly resembling Johansson.


In the book, this Johansson look-alike was an object of beauty that led men to look at her as a sex object. The character proceeded to impersonate Johansson until she was found out and perished in a car crash.


In his defence, Delacourt said he used Johansson as a reference for his character because the actress is ‘the archetype of beauty today.’ He said ‘I wrote a real love story and a homage to feminine beauty, especially interior beauty.


‘I wrote a work of fiction. My character is not Scarlett Johansson.’


Delacourt’s lawyer Anne Veil, who is also representing the book’s publisher JC Lattés, insisted that her client did not invade Johansson’s privacy and that the actress’ accusations were ‘totally scandalous.’


The book has so far sold 100,000 copies since being published in March last year. The judges are set to release their ruling on the case on 2 July.



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