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No more selfies in this Swedish gym locker Room

by FFE EU News Staff


No more selfies in this Swedish gym locker Room

Find out why Friskis & Svettis gyms are putting their foot down on the self-serving photos.


Sweden’s gym chain Friskis & Svettis has just set a new rule saying gym members can no longer take selfies in their locker rooms.


They explained that the new policy will protect members who do not want their half-naked photos to be spread online if they are incidentally photographed by members who take selfies. However, members can still take photos of themselves and their friends in the training room.


Gym officials have started posting notices on their locker rooms saying ‘You are welcome to take pictures of yourself and your training. However, you cannot take pictures of other members without their permission. We advise a photo ban in all changing rooms.’


Friskis & Svettis head of communications Lotta Törnberg explained that the ban on selfies isn’t really new since, in the past, taking photographs inside gyms aren’t allowed. The rules have just been relaxed a few years ago.


As for other gyms, Törnberg said it is up to the local municipalities if they want them to adopt the same rule. ‘Selfie gym’ and its kin ‘body selfie’ and ‘abs selfie’ are the taking of selfies while training in the gym or selfies showing a gym-toned body. They are a common trend in Twitter and Facebook.



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