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Buying and selling properties is a lucrative business. In the Philippines, real estate properties are booming and for many people, it might be a good time to take part in the trade. Take note that you cannot simply sell properties on a whim though. To sell other people’s real estate property, you must be either a licensed real estate salesperson or a licensed real estate broker.


Since large sums of money are involved in the real estate transactions, the qualifications and standard involved in being a real estate sales agent and broker have also been raised. This is why the Philippine government is very careful with real estate processes and regulations too. Now, not just anyone can become a sales agent. Even educational and professional backgrounds have become important considerations.


Nowadays, real estate selling is considered a solid profession, with licensing required under the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).


If you want to join the trade, here are some useful tips and steps to take in becoming a real estate agent or broker today.


How to be a real estate sales agent


According to Ruben Anlacan, Jr. (President, BusinessCoach, Inc.), in the Philippines, real estate sales agents must have completed at least two years of college and must have had some real estate related training.


Aspiring real estate agents must do the following:


  1. Check out numerous listings of brokers and real estate companies online. Contact them and inquire about the different agent packages they offer, if any.
  2. Attend seminars and trainings to develop your skills and to develop a network of clients and contacts.
  3. Request for a certificate endorsing your skills and services from your brokerage company
  4. Apply for a real estate license. Acquiring a license from the PRC is mandatory. Without it, you cannot advertise your services nor sell any property
  5. Register with the Housing Land Use Regulatory Board and get proper certification. This will enable you to sell low-cost housing properties and condominium projects.
  6. Consider joining or employing the services of a real estate marketing company to help advertise you.


Remember that a real estate salesperson must work under a real estate broker.Those that aspire to be a real estate brokers must attend trainings and pass an exam by the PRC. Only those that have a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate Service will be allowed to take the real estate broker’s exam.


How to be a real estate broker


To be a real estate broker, you must have had finished any relevant Bachelor’s degree. You must also attend trainings and pass the exam required by the PRC. It is only after you pass that you will be given proper license to be a broker.


The process of becoming a real estate agent or broker can be quite tedious and draining. Yet, thousands still pursue the profession everyday. After all, it is all worth the wait and hard work, however, as one transaction can already make you millions.





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