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Senior melts hearts all over Sweden

by FFE EU News Staff


Senior melts hearts all over Sweden

Widower’s answer to Valentine’s Day question sends wave of emotions in social media.


Vox pop or short personal interviews in Swedish newspapers are daily fodder among readers. But a particular vox pop from local paper Sala Allehanda days before Valentine’s Day became viral instantly because of the timeliness and sincerity of the interviewee’s reply.


When asked by the paper how he would like to spend Valentine’s weekend, eighty-seven-year-old widower Nils Lindfors said he would spend the weekend at his wife’s grave, just like he does every day.


Senior melts hearts all over Sweden

‘I have no special plans. Two years ago my wife died. Now that I’m alone there will be no major difference on weekdays and weekends anymore.’


‘This warms the heart’ said @felixswagfag who posted the photo that went viral. However, despite around 900 hits from Twitter, the man of the hour apparently wasn’t aware of the fact his sincere and candid reply was gaining a following online.


In a follow-up interview by English online paper The Local, Nils said ‘I don’t have the slightest clue. You know, I haven’t even seen the paper, which day was it?’ He then shared his story, saying he had been married to Mimmi for 59 and 1/2 years and that ‘The only time she shouted at me was when I slapped her on the bum once.’


Nils added that long before Mimmi died they had made a vow to visit the other’s grave if one of them gets left behind.


Since his wife died, Nils had spent most of his days exercising by going on three kilometre walks and working on his Stairmaster and exercise bike. Exercise is also his advice to fellow widowers struggling with boredom and loneliness.



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