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Sexier Women’s Football in Belgium and Netherlands

Women’s football in Belgium

Ingrid Vanherle, the manager of the BeNe League a joint football competition that includes clubs from Belgium and the Netherlands realize that women’s football is boring and thus would like to spice it up. As women wear men’s sports wear in the pitch and thus exhibiting a very masculine look. She is proposing that women footballer should look sexier.

“Women’s football should be much sexier”, she told Het Laatste Nieuws. “In the past, women that played football were considered as mannish women. Even nowadays, many clubs still have their players play in male outfits.”

“Contrary to football, sports like tennis and athletics have adapted to modern times. So why should we not introduce more beautiful and more female clothing in women’s football? You know, Maria Sharapova’s popularity is about more than just her results on the court.”

“This has nothing to do with sexism”, Ms Vanherle quickly adds. “We wouldn’t want women to play in skirts or very tight shirts. The focus has to be on the sport.”

The idea of feminizing football is catching fire as more and more girls are seen using make up, nail polish and hair ribbons in the pitch



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