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Singing nun blows away Italian ‘The Voice’ Judges

Singing nun blows away Italian 'The Voice' Judges

Nun brings down the house.


One contestant in ‘The Voice’ Italy brought the house down in a recent blind audition, stunning all four judges who have already heard them all.


No act of divine intervention helped 25-year-old Sister Cristina win the attention of The Voice judges Raffaella Carrà, J-Ax, Noemi and Piero Pelù after she sang American R&B star Alicia Key’s ‘No One.’ Sister Cristina comes from Sicily, southern Italy and was cheered on by three nuns backstage.


The energetic performance by the confident nun had already caught the audience’s support in the first few seconds of the audition. The crowd cheered more as the four judges turned around on their seat one minute into the performance. The shock and amazement were visible in all the judges’ faces after the performance.


When asked by judge Carrà how she ended up on The Voice, Sister Cristina said ‘I have a gift and I’m giving it to you.’ When asked what she thought the Vatican might feel about her performance, she said ‘I hope that Pope Francis will call me now.’


TV viewers gave an astounding approval of the nun’s performance. One said ‘I thought she was strongest contestant of the lot.’ Another said ‘I liked the song she sang and she sang it very well. It’s 2014, why shouldn’t a nun take part in such a contest? If she likes to sing and it makes her feel good, then good for her.’


Many believe that the nun’s performance will help the Church’s image: ‘it shows an affection and closeness to the people,’ said one local.


Here’s how Sister Cristina brought the house down in The Voice:




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