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‘Smart’ lingerie to curb Overeating

by FFE EU News Staff



American tech company Microsoft has definitely carved a niche in computing technology. But its latest foray into computers is not something we would immediately guess.


Researchers from Microsoft have just developed a prototype ‘smart bra’ that has the technology to detect if the wearer is overeating. The bra is equipped with sensors that monitor a woman’s heart rate and perspiration to track changes in her moods and warn once she is overeating.


However, Microsoft clarified that the technology is for research purposes only and is not planned for commercial release.


Microsoft teamed up with the University of Rochester and the University of Southampton in the UK for the research that aims to test wearable technology that helped warn against overeating. In the smart bra, an electrocardiogram (EKG) sensor under the arm measures heart rate and an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor under the cup monitored perspiration. Once the sensors’ board recognises the vital signs related to overeating, it signals the wearer’s smartphone.


The team explained that the bra was the ideal choice because ‘we needed a form factor that would be comfortable when worn for long durations. The bra form factor was ideal because it allowed us to collect (electrocardiogram data) near the heart.’


In their study, the group let four women wear the bra for four days. They concluded that the smart bra was able to monitor their vital signs effectively, but they needed to be recharged every three to four hours.


Microsoft explained ‘We will continue to explore how to build a robust, real-world system that stands up to everyday challenges with regards to battery life, comfortability, and being suitable for both men and women.’ However, it clarified that it will not develop the bra.


Meanwhile, Twitter users’ reactions on the smart bra were mixed:


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