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Facebook to face French law for selling out Users

Social media firms to face French law for selling out user Info

Consumer rights group wants Twitter, Facebook and Google to respect user’s privacy.


Consumer rights group UFC-Que Choisir has just filed a lawsuit against Internet giants Twitter, Facebook and Google for allegedly breaking France’s privacy laws.


In a statement, the group said that they have warned the companies last summer to address concerns over their terms of use and data-collection policies. After months of inaction, the group finally sued the companies on Tuesday in Paris’ high court for ‘abusive’ and ‘illegal’ practices allowed by their terms of use.


Their concerns were 1) the inaccessibility of the terms and conditions, which were ‘unreadable and full of hypertext links’ that linked to English websites and 2) the ‘widespread collection, modification, preservation and use of the data of users and even of those around them.’


The group has asked the judges to ‘order the suppression or modification of [the many] contentious clauses imposed by these companies.’


Amal Taleb, the group’s legal expert, said the social media networks are ‘a risk for consumers in France’ and that ‘the terms and conditions of Google, Twitter and Facebook do not respect French law.


‘We are seeking to get the legal system to order these companies to rewrite their terms and conditions to comply with French law.’


EU countries have increasingly called for greater privacy protection for users of social media sites. Germany’s Chancellor Merkel particularly targetted Facebook and Google anti-privacy policies in a statement made last month. She also backed an EU-wide call to shift Internet governance to Europe in a bid to curb mass surveillance.



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