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Spain fifth in Bloomberg’s health care rankings

by FFE EU News staff

A ranking for health care spending efficiency by financial news giant Bloomberg has placed Spain on the fifth spot globally and first in Europe.

The ranking took into account the life expectancy (weighted at 60 percent), per capita or per person spending for capital health care as a percentage of gross domestic product or GDP (30 percent weighting) and the absolute cost of health care (weighted at 10 percent). For the absolute cost of health care, services such as preventive medicine, family planning and emergency aid were included.

Despite being hit by the crisis, Spain’s health care system emerged on top of Europe and fifth globally with an efficiency spending score of 68.3 out of 100. The score factored in the following: life expectancy of 82.3 years, an overall health care spending at 10.4 percent of GDP and a per capita health care cost of €2287.

Other countries in Europe that have made the list include Italy, sixth on the list with 66.1, Switzerland with 63.1 and Sweden with 62.6. Switzerland is the only large country in Europe to top Spain’s life expectancy with 82.7 years. However, per capita spending is three times bigger with €6891.

The global winners include Hong Kong with 92.6, a life expectancy of 83.4 and health spending at 3.8 of the GDP followed by Singapore and Japan.

The countries included in the rankings had a population of at least 5 million, a GDP per capital of €3778 or $5000 and a life expectancy of at least 70 years.




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