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Spain tightens grip on abortion Law

by FFE EU News Staff

abortion law

 The Spanish government has approved on Friday a revision of the current abortion law that limits those who can get abortion without restrictions.


Justice minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón said that in the draft bill abortion can only be allowed in cases of rape or when the mother’s health is threatened. This will replace the current law that allows abortion until 14 weeks of pregnancy or 22 weeks if the foetus has deformations.


The new bill similarly doesn’t criminalise the women qualified to have abortion. The Justice minister said the bill guaranteed the ‘defence both of the protection of life of the unborn and of women’s rights.’


Meanwhile, pro-choice protesters said that the reform would take Spain back to the 1980s, a time when women who wished to end unwanted pregnancies had to go abroad for the operation.


With a strong conservative bloc, the Parliament is expected to pass the bill. Elena Valenciano, deputy leader of the main opposition Socialist Party, said pro-abortion protesters should ‘mobilise society against what is going to be an incomprehensible reduction in women’s freedom.’


A poll by Metroscopia in April revealed that 46% of Spaniards were for the old law while 41% wanted a tougher system.





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