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Spain’s royal privilege: king can’t be Divorced

The Coronation Of King Felipe VI And Queen Letizia Of Spain


Now that Felipe has become King and his wife Letizia Queen of Spain, there will be certain changes in their marriage — a subject that has picked up some interest in Spain who are privy to the couple’s past marriage issues.


Lawyer and Civil Rights academic Verónica del Carpio commented ‘it is absurd that some people are legally shielded in a civil manner.’ Now that Felipe is King, Letizia has given up one fundamental right in marriage: divorce.


‘If he filed for divorce, it would be granted to him without a doubt. If she tried, it would be blocked.’


Asked if the King’s advantage at court could also mean he will be given custody of princesses Leonor and Sofía should it come to that, del Carpio said ‘I’d rather talk with documents in my hand, but all the clauses of Felipe and Letizia’s marriage documents are secret.’


It is said that Felipe and Letizia had signed a pre-nuptual agreement that includes a clause in the event of a divorce. The pre-nup is just one of the many points why the Spanish pubic has turned against Letizia. Their marriage back in 2004 drew many criticisms because Letizia is a commoner and a divorcee.


Felipe and Letizia’s marriage also reportedly hit a crisis last year after she left her family in Mallorca and boarded a plane to Zurich. Media speculated that the pressures of royal responsibilities pushed her to want more space.


Now that she is Queen, part of her private life will definitely be more open and accessible to the public. However, her new status will make it harder for her to have the upper hand.






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