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Spain’s trouser-less Metro day hits a Snag

by FFE EU News Staff




A number of participants in Madrid’s second ‘Día sin Pantalones en el Metro’ or No Trousers Day were told to leave the train after one red-faced passenger reported to the driver. However, participants still hail yesterday’s stint a success.


Organisers planned to start No Trousers Day from Chamartin metro station in north Madrid. However, the kickoff hit a snag when the number of Metro security personnel grew. They then started to ask participants to leave the station.


According to Lawrence JC Baron, a participant who blogged about his experience in the photojournalism website demotix.com, many participants who rode trouser-less in other stations were also politely told to leave the Metro. He reported that another photographer told him an elderly passenger got upset and reported to the driver.


Baron explained that before the event started, organisers have already reminded participants that wearing underwear only was against Metro rules and that the punishment was an equivalent of a train ticket. Organisers also reminded the participants to comply with Metro employees.


Despite the run-ins with security, participants still deemed the event a success and were in good spirits.


No Trousers Day is said to have started as a prank by a group of New Yorkers in 2002. The idea is to get in the Metro at different stops, act normal but without having any trousers on. The only rule is to not wear offensive, too revealing or raunchy underwear.


Called a ‘celebration of silliness,’ No Trousers Day has sparked a trend around the world, attracting Metro passengers in Britain, Sweden, Finland, Canada and Australia.






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