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Spanish cops go sexy to get official’s Attention

Spanish cops go sexy to get official’s Attention


Long johns and go-go dancers are no typical scenes in a police station. But that’s just what happened yesterday in the city of Valencia, Spain.


What has the world gone to? That’s exactly what the 200 local cops were asking during a protest staged in front of their station. The officers claimed that the police force was severely out-of-date and that they are using decades-old equipment like pistols and bullet-proof vests.


Calls to improve police safety equipment reached a peak after an accident involving a 17-year-old police van led four officers to receive light injuries. The van allegedly had brake problems, but the town hall dismissed the case as human error on the part of the driver.


The protesters hired go-go dancers to help them catch the public eye. The dancers wore underwear and union t-shirts to show the police force’s lack of new uniforms. One cop also mounted up the courage to wear bright blue long johns to air his sentiments.


Town hall meanwhile brushed off the protest, saying the police force had ‘everything it needs to carry out its duty.’



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