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How Spanish football star tells racists to eat their heart Out

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For a person living in a foreign land, racism can be a daily struggle. But that is only until he or she learns how to fight back. Brazilian and FC Barcelona football star Dani Alves recently showed how to use a racist’s weapon against him, setting a viral anti-racism campaign in Spain’s football world.


During a match with Villareal, one audience member threw a banana in front of Alves as he prepared to kick from the corner. Instead of wallowing in the insult thrown at him, Alves grabbed the banana from the grass, peeled it and ate it in one bite:


The simple action sparked an anti-racism movement over in Twitter and Facebook, headed by Alves’ teammate Neymar. The football player posted a photo of him and his two-year-old son eating a banana and captioned: ‘We are all monkeys, we are all the same. Say no to Racism!!’ Many other public figures followed suit:

29apr racist football banana

29apr racist football banana 2

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Racists call people of other races ‘monkeys’ and often use the banana as a way to taunt them. French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira has received the same racist taunts last year, prompting the public to call for firmer measures against xenophobic attitudes.



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