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Spanish parents can teach kids to pray with a new Doll

by FFE EU News Staff




A cuddly new doll named ‘Jesusito’ is getting serious promotion by Spain’s national daily ABC, and it has met mixed reactions.


ABC said that the doll ‘teaches kids to pray while they play.’ Jesusito is meant to represent a younger Christ. The doll can say five different prayers, including Our Father and Hail Mary, when its left hand is pressed. Language options like German, French, Italian, Portuguese and English are also available.


Aside from the standard prayers, children can also record their own prayers for playback. Jesusito can be bought online and costs €30 plus €10 for delivery.


Readers of the newspaper have labelled the promotion as ‘freaky’ while others find it normal in a country with strong religious roots. But the concept of a Jesus doll is not new. In America, a talking doll in the likeness of Christ also plays prayers in Spanish. Unlike Spain though, the doll did not receive considerable support and was even rejected by a popular children’s toy store.



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