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Spanish trash strike ends in Order

by FFE EU News staff

Spanish trash strike ends in Order 2

For the past two weeks rubbish had been building up on the streets of Madrid, turning the picturesque city into a mammoth dump. This is the consequence of a labour battle between cleaning companies and unions.


Unions that represented public cleaners went on a strike on 5 November to protest the job and salary cuts that cleaning companies have planned to implement. In the original plan, around 1,134 of the 7,000 workers were to be relieved and salaries were to be cut by 40%. The cuts were set by companies like OHL-Ascan, FCC and Sacyr-Valorisa that had to offset losses brought by the city hall’s reduced spending for cleaning.


Labour union CCOO explained that ‘The excessive and unjustifiable intentions of the companies, along with the irresponsible and deplorable management of the conflict by the city hall, have led Madrid to undergo a situation that neither workers nor citizens should have suffered.’


After a series of marathon talks between the stakeholders, an agreement was approved that forces companies to stop job cuts and employees to accept temporary unpaid lay-offs.


CCOO said ‘The workers approved the agreement by an absolute majority and agreed to call off the strike.’


The workers resumed their shifts on Sunday night.



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