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Spread of fake peso bills prompts police to greater Action

Spread of fake peso bills prompts police to greater Action

Philippine National Police gives tips on how to spot counterfeit bills.


Taguig City police just issued a warning against counterfeit bills after seizing a fresh batch of fake Php500 in a crackdown yesterday.


Chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG)‎ Anti-Organised Crime Unit Superintendent Alexander Tagum said that criminals are now more sophisticated and widespread. The fake bills have already reached provinces in Luzon and Visayas, he added.


‘The BSP told us that these criminals use advanced and high-level printers ‎now that they can imprint the security seal. If you look at the fake P500 bill [casually], [you] would not notice. Some can no longer distinguish which is the counterfeit and original,’ said the chief.


Tagum said that the public must also do their part to exercise caution when handling money. The Philippine National Police is encouraging everyone to check whether the bills they receive are fake and to turn over counterfeits to cops ASAP.


To enforce this, the CIDG chief said that police are now applying a ‘last-touch’ principle: ‘If you purchase an item using fake money and the establishment files a complaint, you will automatically be summoned by the police.’


The police said that to spot fake bills, one has to apply the ‘look, feel and tilt’ test. In the look test, the printing of the original bill is sharper than fake bills which have blurry prints. In the feel test, fake bills feel smooth whereas original bills feel rough. In the tilt test, original bills bear a watermark of Cory and Ninoy. The national bird in the security seal is also ‘prominently imprinted.’


Tagum said that UV light scanners are helpful for business establishments and recommends even small vendors to get UV light pens to help them detect fake bills.



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