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Statistics reveal Italian business scene is now ruled by Migrants

Statistics reveal Italian business scene is now ruled by Migrants

Migrant-run businesses are boosting Italy’s economy.


Italian charity group Caritas Roma revealed last week that migrants are now outpacing the locals when it comes to opening new businesses.


Statistics by the group showed that from 2008 to 2012, the number of businesses owned by migrants grew by 12.6% or 34,084. Two groups who share the biggest slice of the pie are the Bangladeshis (who collectively own 7,443 businesses) and Romanians (6,294). Overall, Asians own a third of the number, followed by Europeans and Africans.


In contrast, the number of businesses owned by Italians fell by 657 in the past five years. However, Italians still run the majority of businesses in the country.


Caritas also showed that the number of foreigners moving into the Italian capital city of Rome has been increasing. There are around 564,000 foreigners in the Lazio region, of which 451,000 are in Rome.


Many locals are afraid of the negative impact that increased migration can bring. However, migrants brought in €13.3 billion in taxes in 2014, supporting a separate review by the EU Commission that said migrants help boost city coffers. This is beneficial for Italy as it recovers from the economic slump brought by the Eurozone crisis.


A separate statistics by Istat also shows that migrants have been boosting Italy’s national population, reversing the aging population phenomenon



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