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Stroke trends worldwide going in new direction

The number of stroke victims worldwide may double by 2030 unless people start to adopt a healthier lifestyle early in life.

This is what two studies warned on Thursday after they observed that the illness usually associated with the old is affecting more young people. The instances of stroke among those in the 20-64 age group increased by 25%, increasing the total worldwide figure to 31% – 6% more than the figure in 1990.

People under 75 years now accounted for 62% of new strokes, 45% of deaths and 72% of illness and disability after stroke. Meanwhile, 0.5% of the total number of stroke sufferers or 83,000 are people aged 20 and younger.

The studies said that the movement of stroke burden toward the young will continue unless urgent steps are taken to get more of the youth to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The key lifestyle changes pointed out are reduction of salt, calorie, alcohol and tobacco consumption.

The instances of stroke-related disability, illness and death were also found to be more common in low to middle-income countries.

‘Most affected are people younger than 75 years and those living in low-income and middle-income countries where incidence of hemorrhagic stroke (bleeds) has risen by around 19%.

‘This is in part because of a rise in the prevalence of risk factors involving unhealthy diet, high blood pressure, obesity, physical inactivity, and smoking in these countries.’



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