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Study reveals religion can beat Stress

by FFE News Staff


religionSome devotees who braved the Black Nazarene procession yesterday may have ended up with bruises and injuries. But according to one study, religiosity also has physical benefits.


A new psychological research presented Thursday at the Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology said that workers with high levels of religiosity feel better.


Dr Roxanne Gervais studied 34 younger, largely female full-time employees in the Caribbean and measured their job satisfaction, religiosity and well-being. She concluded that those who were more actively religious also reported low levels of anxiety, depression and fatigue. In addition, these people were also more likely to say their lives have meaning.


The respondents said attending religious services connected them with a higher being and made them feel better about themselves.


The doctor concluded ‘As the pace of work and life accelerates, people long for meaning, and the younger generation in particular is looking for more than just a big pay cheque at the end of the month..


‘My research shows that religiosity in the workplace… [makes] people more resilient to cope with the many challenges of working life. Such personal beliefs could be very helpful… for employers providing people with a buffer zone.


‘We should hence encourage employers to accommodate, where possible, employees’ religious beliefs while at work, and not shy away from the issue.’





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