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Style tips to make your home more Comfortable

In many ways, the saying that the home is the safest place on Earth is true. We build our home, mold and style it to our taste, and make it how we want it to be. Making it safe doesn’t necessarily mean having locks and the top security electronics systems available. Sometimes it just means having a place that we can call our own, and one of the ways to make a house truly a safe place is to make it comfortable.


‘Comfort’ is relative: this means that everyone has a different interpretation of what comfort involves. For some, it means adding more pillows and cushioning in the living room. For others, comfort means having familiar things around the room like memorabilia and gifts from families and friends. But whether comfort takes a physical or emotional dimension, there are many practical ways to make a home more comfortable.


What style and design possibilities are there that you can apply to your home? Here are just a few tips you can apply in various parts of your house to make it more comfortable:


Get a good bed




We spend 30-33% of our daily life sleeping, so it is always a good idea to have a bed that you are happy with. Some like their beds soft, others like it firm. Whatever your preference, buy a bed that suits your taste and budget. Buy sheets and linen that also give the best thermal protection and feel to your skin. The bed is the locus of the house and is central to the most important relationships we can make. Beds are intimate places and have an emotional dimension to it. Do not scrimp on buying a bed and invest in one you like that fits your size, material, hardness and design requirements.


Soft over bright colours




Rooms with furniture that have soft, pastel colours give a serene, quiet look to a home. ‘Cool’ colours like blues and greens can give rooms this appearance. Neutral, Earth colours like off-whites and browns also give a home a clean, solid look.


A touch of bold colour like bright reds and oranges can add zest to these neutral rooms, but keep them to a minimum so as not to disrupt the overall theme. To get more ideas on what colours and shades to use, discover the meaning of colours.


Personalised artworks




A painting, sculpture or even a simple handicraft doesn’t have to be made by a famous artist to be deemed fit for display. Works made by your children and friends can be used to decorate the home. They not only make bare walls more attractive, they also carry with them memories that can improve the mood of the homeowner.




Placing decorative stickers on bare walls is also an option. Nature-themed stickers can fill up corners and create artistic but elegant backdrops in living spaces. They can also transport the homeowners to familiar and favourite places.

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