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Sure fire Strategies for a Stress-free Life

Daily life is filled with physical demands and responsibilities that lead to stress. Work, dealing with colleagues from different backgrounds,whohave a differentset of beliefs; and thinking about our families who are living miles away from us can weigh down our mind.

                Stress is unavoidable. But our body and our mind are capable of handling stress once we realise that we can take charge of our lives. What are the ways of managing stress? Before we answer this, let us first look at where stress comes from.

Causes of stress

                Stress management starts by identifying the sources of stress. After that, we should look for personal habits or attitude that explains how we deal with them. Oftentimes, stress is caused by our behaviour rather than outside factors.

                Stressful conditions caused by events and circumstances include:

  • Moving away
  • Getting married
  • Having a baby
  • Coping with death
  • Coping with sickness
  • Unemployment
  • Poverty
  • Relationship problems
  • Caring for disabled family or friends
  • Problems at work
  • Bad housing experiences
  • Noisy or unsafe neighborhoods

                On the other hand, some common behaviours that can worsen our stress levels are:

1. Procrastinating. We love to put off things at the last minute because we feel confident of our abilities or we tend to please ourselves first before doing our work. But this often forces us to work overtime to meet a deadline. The idea of facing the consequences of a low-quality work can also add to our feelings of anxiety and fear, adding to our stress levels.

2. Making excuses. Trying to rationalise actions which we do not usually accept or which goes against our beliefs can often lead to stress. We often like to appear forgiving or merciful by excusing our mistakes or those done by family and friends. But repeatedly turning a blind eye to the errors we make or made by colleagues may lead us to deny the source of stress.

3. Having unhealthy habits or vices that we use to get over stress. Unproductive ways of coping with stress like smoking, drinking, over eating, withdrawing from family and friends or giving to angry outbursts can lead to problems with our health and our social life, which will only add to the stress we already have.

                When the source of stress is based on our behaviour, then rest assured that facing the stress is easier. This is because we have the power to control or change our behaviour anytime we want. But regardless of whether the source of stress comes from factors we can control or factors that are out of our hands, we can always apply certain strategies to stop stress levels from rising.

Stress management strategies

                Stress management involves taking certain measures to avoid stressful situations from occurring in our life. Some of the strategies we can adapt are:

1. Eliminate stress sources. Instead of arguing, talk calmly and avoid confrontations. Rather than take the hardest way to meet a goal, take the simplest way. Clear up clutter in your home. All these are ways that can eliminate sources of stress in our lives. Quitting vices and bad habits now are also a way of removing potential health problems and the stress that comes with them.

2. Avoid competition. Envy and jealousy are great sources of stress, and the worse thing about them is that they are self-inflicted. Be satisfied with who you are and what you have. Develop your talents and skills to reach personal success, not because you want to keep up with the neighbours.

3. Avoid cramming. Stop procrastinating and meet deadlines… everything in this world has its place, and you will soon have your own time to spend at your leisure. To avoid cramming, set goals one thing at a time and keep a schedule that you can follow honestly and to the dot.

 4. Get away from stressful situations and seek help. If you’re trying to quit a bad habit and are invited to a bar for a smoke or drink, decline the invitation. If you’re asked to work on something but believe you’re not quite ready to take on the job, ask for help. Do not invite temptation to ruin your peaceful life and always seek help if you believe doing things alone will make you anxious and stressed-out.

                There are many sources of stress in our lives, but there are equally many ways to prevent stress from controlling our actions and decisions. Oftentimes, getting rid of stress also means accepting things in our lives that we cannot change. If we want to live a stress-free life, we must be ready to accept change. This is difficult to do, but patience and time are on our side.


How about you, how do you deal with stress? Share your secrets to a stress-free life by leaving a comment below!



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