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Surprising birth trend among older women revealed in Italy

Women have always been cautioned against giving birth in their later years. But according to statistics released by th Mangiagalli gynaecological clinic in Milan, more women between ages 35-44 find themselves in the delivery room. Department head Dr. Alessandra Kustermann notes that women giving birth in their 40s are now a normal sight in Mangiagalli. She adds that “fertility curve or no fertility curve, this is a cultural shift that marches in step with advances in medicine.”

Mangiagalli recorded a 2.7% increase from 2008 in the number of births among women between 35-44 years. The latest numbers show that women in their 40s surpass those in their 30s in number of births by 3.7%. This trend goes against the widespread notion regarding the fertility curve that as women age, their chances of delivering a healthy baby decrease.

Mangiagalli gynaecological clinic in Milan, Italy


Mangiagalli figures support a recent study conducted by David Dunson of DukeUniversity on the probabilities of conception among European women. According to him, mature couples who programmed their sexual activities were found as successful as their younger counterparts. Epidemiologist Kenneth Rothman’s similar study also revealed that 40-year-old Danish women had the same chances of getting pregnant as 20-somethings.

The reversing trend may be explained psychologically and economically. According to psychologist and psychotherapist Anna Oliverio Ferraris of Rome’s La Sapienza University, mature mums and dads are healthier nowadays and have a greater awareness of the world that helps them rear a child. Mangiagalli medical director Basilio Tiso also adds that late parenthood is appealing for mums who choose to study first to secure a good position in the employment ladder.




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