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Susan Roces on working with the young and more senior stars

By FFE Entertainment News Staff

Ms. Susan Roces is happy that she is being given a new role in the new telenovela she is playing in. Besides the complex role she is portraying she is also happy that she is working for the first time with Enchong Dee and Enrique Gil who she says are very professional and serious about their craft, which she finds very inspiring. She said that their working relationship and rapport is very good. She feels that she performs better when working with actors and actresses that are serious about the work they are doing, because it improves the outcome of the scenes.

She would again be working with Julia Montes who she previously worked with in the Walang Hanggang series. She fondly recalls Julia as very professional and nice to work with.  She also admires Julia for being able to acquire a house by herself at a very early age.

Reminiscing her early days in showbiz Ms Roces says that being with the young stars reminds her of her teenage years when she was just starting in Sampaguita pictures.

Now as a more senior actress she is happy to be part of the grooming process of the new breed of actors and is proud to be part of the mentoring and growth of the new younger talents. She says I’m very honored, I’m part of that.”

In the new project she would also be working with veteran stars like Dante Rivero and Pilar Pilapil. She has worked with Dante Rivero in a couple of films in the past. She said that with a true to life script that they are working on she says it is not a problem with them at all because the script is too close to real life drama.

Ms. Pilar Pilapil replaced Amalia Fuentes who earlier was introduced to the press with Ms Roces to be the leading stars in the new teleserye. Amalia however backed out of the role, citing “creative differences with the production team and the challenges and demands of regular taping schedules” as her reasons for bowing out of the project.  Susan Roces however says that now with Pilar Pilapil she thinks that the role suits Pilar more than Amalia.  Ms Roces says she is looking forward to many tense and emotion filled scenes with Pilar and Dante Rivero.



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