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Swedes warned: burglars may be reading your Facebook

Swedes warned: burglars may be reading your Facebook

Sweden’s national police say burglary increases during winter sports season.


Swedish insurance firm Trygg-Hansa revealed in a report that there is an 8% increase in break-ins during winter sports season, which lasts February to March.


National police spokesperson Anders Rydberg offered one suggestion to counter this trend: don’t tell your friends in Twitter and Facebook where you’re going.


Cops noted that thieves are getting more organised nowadays, leading to the hike in successful burglaries. In Skåne southern Sweden, the number of break-ins jumps by 26% during winter sports season. Stockholm experiences a 19% increase while Västa Götaland sees a 5% hike during the holiday.


Rydberg offered one special and simple advise to everyone going on a ski trip during the holidays: ‘Don’t go around telling everyone that you’re away, even thieves can do research on social media.’


He also said homeowners should think like thieves to be able to secure weak spots around their homes.


‘You have to think: If I was a burglar, where would I break in? Where is the weakest spot? And then you can work to make the job harder for them.’



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