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Swedish charity group gets epic New Year’s Surprise

by FFE EU News Staff




Every year, Swedish non-profit charity volunteer group Gnosjö Hjälper (Gnosjö  Helps) empty their donation jars and collect around 10,000 to 20,000 kronor. But the New Year just brought generous tidings their way.


At the bottom of one of their milk jars was an anonymous certified cheque (postväxel) worth 1 million kronor. Gnosjö second-hand store manager Matts Leander was speechless: ‘This is huge… I can’t even explain how much this means.


‘Every donation is valuable. But this is unbelievable.’


Leander admitted they thought someone was playing a prank on the group. But bank officials confirmed the cheque and said that it had been written three days earlier. Nobody may likely know who Gnosjö Hjälper’s benefactor is. But whoever he or she is, according to web theorist and writer Clay Shirky, phenomenon like this gives ‘positive feedback’ to the generous sponsors.


The group said it will decide next week how to spend the money, although it may likely go to feeding and housing poverty-stricken Latvians.


Gnosjö Hjälper is based in the town of the same name in southern Sweden. The charity group specifically helps impoverished people in the neighbouring state of Latvia, donating food, money and other essentials to Latvian orphanages, schools and hospitals.





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