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Swedish group on a mission to quell film Pirates

by FFE EU News Staff


A 28-year-old Swede movie buff just had his life turned around by one film.


After uploading a film to now-defunct file sharing website Swebits.org, this unnamed man was fined a whopping ₤400,000 in addition to serving jail time and 160 hours of community service for 517 other titles.




The nabbing of Sweden’s ‘worst ever’ film pirate was praised by anti-piracy group Rights Alliance, which vowed to bring more similar cases to court in the near future. It explained that the man should pay an amount equal to what he should have paid ‘if he had bought a licence to distribute the movie for free downloads.’ Compensation for damages and other losses like ‘disturbance on the market and goodwill losses’ should also be paid by the pirate.


Film studio Nordisk FilmAS, the owner of the rights of the title uploaded, had asked for double the awarded amount as compensation for the losses. The owners of the other 517 titles the man uploaded did not make an estimate, and so the man has not yet been awarded additional damages.


Meanwhile, copyright reformist group Swedish Pirate Party criticised the development, saying legislation that protected film studios from file sharing were ‘outdated.’ It added that ‘the only way forward is a radical reform of copyright law that allows for the sharing of culture.’





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