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Swedish mums can’t stop dads claiming child benefit with new Law

Swedish mums can’t stop dads claiming child benefit with new Law

Changes made to child benefit claims in Sweden.


Sweden’s Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) said dads can now claim child benefit without the consent of the mum starting 1 March.


Försäkringskassan said ‘Now, no parent, and we are talking primarily about mothers because they receive the child benefit, can stop a division of the allowance.’


The agency clarified that for dads to qualify, they should have a shared legal custody of the child. They can also claim the benefits even if they are not living with the mother and child. In addition, only babies that are born after 1 March 2014 will be covered by the new law. Those who were born before the said date are still covered by the old law that requires the mum’s consent.


In Sweden, child benefit is worth 1,050 kronor per child per month. Parents with more than one child receive additional benefits. Child benefits are paid to parents with kids who are age 16 and below. Extended child benefits are given to those with kids up to 18 years old given they are studying full-time.


Child benefit in Sweden was introduced in the 1940s.



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