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Swiss city finds unlikely method to cut Traffic

by FFE EU News Staff


carsThe Swiss city of Bern has just found a surprisingly effective solution to traffic jams: lower speeds.


Transport minister Doris Leuthard has just passed a resolution that will see 280 kilometres of roadway installed with ‘switchable’ road signs. These road signs will reduce the speed limit from 120kmph to 80kmph during peak traffic hours.


Federal Highways Office (Astra) official Guido Bielmann said that at lower speeds, cars will drive closer together, allowing more cars to use the motorway at a time. He added ‘It’s not about bullying but stretching the capacity of motorways to the full.’


Traffic jams have become a common sight in metropolitan Zurich and the Geneva-Lausanne region. The switchable road signs are already in use in 170km of motorways around Switzerland, including sections of the A1. Astra noted that they have so far been effective: ‘The traffic flows smoothly and jams up less.’


Not everyone is happy with this method though. Automobile Club of Switzerland director general Niklaus Zürcher said that motorists who drive 20% longer also increase their costs by 20%.





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