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Swiss restaurant wants no leftovers on your Plate

10may switzerland buffet waste

In Philippine buffet restaurants, leaving no leftovers is a rule that many follow to avoid having to pay extra.

This scheme has just recently been implemented by a restaurant in Losone, Ticino as a way to counter food wastage.


Chef Giovanni Tafuro of the Swiss restaurant Patrizietta noticed that lunchtime buffet always ends up with hefty amounts of leftover going to the waste bin. ‘It made me sick to see so much food being thrown out,’ said the chef.


To counter the bad behaviour, the restaurant had imposed a fine for clients who do not finish everything on their plate. Those who avail of the 12 francs eat-all-you-can lunch buffet will have to pay an additional 5 francs for leftovers.


‘I wanted to send a strong signal,’ said Tafuro. ‘It’s all down in black and white on the menu,’ he warned would-be customers.


The idea has received the support of President Alessandro Pesce of GastroTicino, the Cantonal Federation of Restaurateurs. He said that the fine was perfectly legal and a good way of combating food wastage.


He is however thankful that the people of Ticino ‘are generally good at knowing their limits.’



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