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Swiss vs France, what is the famous guinea pig’s prediction?

 20jun guinea pig worldcup


A guinea pig housed by charity group Swissaid seems to be favouring her handlers in the 2014 World Cup after predicting that the Swiss team will win over France in their coming bout. If you’re rooting for the Swiss team, don’t take the guinea pig’s prediction lightly as she correctly forecasted the Swiss win over Ecuador.


Named Madame Shiva, the guinea pig is seen as the next Paul the German Octopus, a popular figure in the 2010 World Cup for correctly predicting the results of several games using its tentacles. However, Paul the Octopus died after the tournament.


Madame Shiva’s handlers said ‘Madame Shiva hates suspense. That’s why she’s crafted an unbeatable technique for predicting results in advance.’ The 20-month-old critter made her forecast when she was placed on a mini football pitch with the colours of the Swiss and French teams on either end.


After hesitating in the French end, Madame Shiva finally moved to the Swiss zone and left a single dropping as a sign of approval.


20jun guinea pig worldcup 2

Swiss team


Former Swiss manager and Frenchman Gilbert Gress is skeptical of Madame Shiva and predicts a draw in the coming game. He said ‘Mind you, four years ago it was Paul, and I had a laugh. I’m not laughing anymore, because four years ago, Paul was right about practically everything. So we’ll see if Madame Shiva is as good.’


Whether or not she’ll replace Paul the Octopus in World Cup prediction prowess, Madame Shiva will still be valuable for Swissaid to raise awareness on the guinea pig’s role in raising meat and compost in Latin America.


Madame Shiva is not the only animal making prediction in this year’s World Cup. A group of baby pandas are also making predictions in China.






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