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Switzerland to loosen cannabis rules with new social Experiment

Switzerland to loosen cannabis rules with new social Experiment

Cannabis clubs soon to open in five municipalities.


Formerly considered illegal, cannabis use and possession in Switzerland had been liberated in 2013 when a law made cannabis possession a ticketing offence. This move was seen as a way to reduce the number of cannabis-related cases that clog the courts.


But a new plan initiated by five municipal governments seeks to liberalise cannabis further through social circles called ‘associations of cannabis users.’ This group aims to promote state-certified and chemical-free cannabis for personal use.


The Geneva-led pilot project has got lawmakers from Bern, Zurich, Basel and Lausanne interested in joining. Proponents said that the move will help curb the black market and illegal street trading of cannabis. The project will also mean users will only get certified seeds grown in controlled conditions.


Liberal party member Rolin Wavre clarified that minors will be excluded in this social experiment. Final proposals are scheduled to be submitted by June, but implementation would first need a change in federal narcotic laws.


Meanwhile, the Swiss People’s Party has rejected the project, saying cannabis is counted as ‘hard drug.’



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