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Tado Jimenez: A modern-day Hero



Arvin ‘Tado’ Jimenez was known for being a quirky comedian with long hair and huge glasses. But what a lot of people do not know is he is also a modern-day hero.


Tado was one of the founders of Dakila: a Philippine collective for modern-day heroism which was formed by various Filipino artists. Their aim is to inspire Filipinos to commit acts of modern-day heroism through art.


An epitome of Dakila, Tado used his talents to be a modern-day hero.  His brilliant mind was behind some of Dakila’s popular campaigns such as ‘Ang Mabuhay Nang Dahil Sa Iyo,’ changing the lyrics of the last line in the Philippine National Anthem to ‘emphasize the brand of heroism Dakila advocates.’




Tado was on his way to Mountain Province for an environmental project when he met his demise last 7 February. The bus he was riding fell off a 500-metre ravine that also claimed 13 other lives. Entitled ’40 Mountains Project,’ Tado aimed to climb 40 mountain peaks to send a message that ‘life begins at the mountain.’ Tado planned to chronicle his journey in a book.


‘Tado, as we know him, is a true artist and a dedicated activist,’ said Dakila in a statement.  ’His thought-provoking lines, witty commentary and signature style commanded the attention and rebellion of the public that sought for alternative heroes. His ideas, bordering from the insanely absurd to downright brilliant, spawned outstanding works that continue to influence this generation.’


Truly an inspiration, Tado has motivated Filipino youths to be different, to stand for their beliefs and to be a hero in their own right.


Other advocacies that Tado and Dakila uphold include the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill, Freedom of Information Bill, and the Anti-Naming of Government Projects Bill.


Tado had also written books such as ‘Nag Iisa Lang Ako: Ang Ikatlo sa Huling Libro’ and ‘All About Myself, Not Yours: Bio-Eulogy ni Tado Jimenez.’


His remains are lying in repose in Marikina. The wake was recently opened for his fans.


What do you think makes a modern-day Filipino hero? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.






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