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  • 29 apr 14 trycyle pedicab 2

    Filipino Icon: Tricycle and Pedicab

    This noisy three-wheeled mode of transportation is a staple around the country.

  • filipino-icon-harana_original

    Filipino Icon: Harana

    Courtship in the days of our grandparents was a long and arduous process filled with interesting customs. One of the popular courtship traditions was Harana.

  • Filipino Icon: Bagoong

    Filipino Icon: Bagoong

    Smelly but complex in texture and taste, the bagoong is a gem in Filipino cuisine. Find out why this smelly, salty condiment is a favorite among Filipino.

  • Filipino Icon- Terno 3 - Copy

    Filipino Icon: Terno

    The Filipiniana icon of stateliness and grace has had a long history of re-interpretations.

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